Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

No. But you may register if you wish. Registration will give you access to our Support tickets.

NOTE: Registration will be automatic. As soon as that is done you will be able to log on and view all videos and photographs.

If you have any questions suitable for display here, please let me know and I will answer them here.

Absolutely - they are of family so we all own them

Just use the support feature once logged in (Support menu) and upload your pics there. I will them convert them and then add them in the appropriate spot.

Yes. Some have been reduced in size to allow for faster and easier uploading. I have 'larger' copies that would be more suitable for printing. Use the Support feature and upload the pic you want and will email you the original copy.


See next FAQ. Once viewed in large format. copy and paste into your application for  printing. or try 'Ctrl P' to get print dialogue

Yes. Once you are viewing the photo, place the cursor towards the center of the pic, press the right mouse button and select View image in New Tab

Yes, you may but only through the support tickets. You must be logged on to to be able to use this facility.