About Us

About Us

After 34 years as a teacher of Design & Technology, 3 years as a relief teacher and 10+ years as a relief manager at a major Perth metro high school, we have some idea of the problems and stress face by relief teacher managers every day. You find your self being a liason between the school administration and the coal face teachers. You end up knowing what each of them thinks about the other.

Had we had something like this site when involved with managing relief teachers, I suspect it would have made life a whole lot easier.

Over the 10+ years involved with the school, we developed and improved the forms we used to help quicken the work required. We had forms to record relief staff payment summaries, spreadsheets to record each days teachers absent and the relief teacher that took their place. We developed a process where we could distribute the relief teachers duties to enable fewer relief staff than teachers absent.

It is often a thankless job, especially when the school is running well and there are no hicups. You tend to be not noticed by the admin.

Enjoy this site, we can guarantee it will make your job just that much easier.