General Instructions

General Instructions

These instuctions are primarily for Relief Teachers but also pertain to Managers in a limited way. Managers will have their own help page once logged in.

Relief Teachers.

The page is basically self explanatory so this will be brief.

  1. Click on your state to load the application
  2. Register your details
  3. Log on and complete your profile if required.
  4. Your details are stored so that when applying for a job your details are automatically entered - saves time and typing
  5. Each time you look for a job - LOG ON FIRST
  6. That's it!

NOTE: Use the Search facility and enter the school name to refine your search or may end up  looking through hundreds of jobs. Always refine your search

Relief Teachers Directory

Under the 'Relief' menu, click on Relief Teacher's Directory and Register your details and then log on and complete your profile. There is a list of skills from which to choose. Find any missing, let us know so we can add them. There is an Information page there as well.

Relief Managers

You can Register here to add jobs to the site without logging on to the web site (right column) but you will not have access to the other menu items. If you register here, make sure you click on "I am an employer". Once registered you can then log on to the job application. Instructions for that applcation is under a menu only available after registering on the web site.