Job Creation - Help

Job Creation - Help

These steps are basically self explanatory so info will be brief.

After Login you will be greated with the Dashboard. No explanation needed other than it shows your jobs and applications. Clicking on them will bring them up for you.

JOBS -> Add Job

Shows a list of all current jobs, The Expiry Date can be extended, make sure the expiry is NOT the current date.Just add time. Click on Add Job to start a new advert

JOBS -> Add a New Job

Select Type and Category. If none suit you, please us know. Don't forget to hit Save

JOBS -> Summary (tag)

Here you can extend the expiry date. Don't forget to hit Save

JOBS -> Details (tag)

Job Title - best to place the day and date you require a relief teacher. (Monday 7 Sept) They will look for the date first.
Salary - nothing to add except a hyphen (-)
Type - What sort of relief is required
Category - choose from the pull down list
Filters - not necessary for these day to day reliefs
Job Description - enter details of the job. Not necessary for 1 day relief but if you have a week, term or semester coming up that you know about in advance then some explanation of the requirements of the vacancy would be useful.

Don't forget to hit Save

JOBS -> Employer Details (tag)

Need to click show Employer Details, otherwise no one will know who has posted the job
Enter your address details. In State enter the shortened version (WA, NSW, Qld, Tas, Vic, ACT, NT, SA) This can be used in the Search facility when looking for employment.
There is only a need to do this once. Next job created, clicking the mouse in the text box will show the last entry, just select and its done.

Shows a list of applications.

Clicking on the "eye" icon (right hand end of list) in the list will show the details of the applicant.
Either email or phone if they have not contacted you first.

Your Profile (school)

The details entered here will show up when a relief teacher clicks  Apply on a job.

Don't forget to hit Save