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Teacher Relief Australia


UNDER-RATED - relief managers and relief teachers are the backbone of the efficient running of a school. After all the programming to get teachers allocated to classes and kids in the correct class, the responsiblity the make sure that every class, every period, every day has a teacher in front of them is that of the Relief Manager.

It is sometimes a job that goes unrewarded and little thought given by the administration when the school is functioning well.

After more than 10 years involved with a school as a Relief Manager and close to 40 years as a teacher, I am very aware of the problems and pitfalls that befall a relief manager. Hence this site, to try and make the managers job just a little bit less stressful. Put jobs online and tell your relief staff to register. It takes less time to add a job online than it does to start ringing around. Once you are established, relief staff will be ringing you.

There may be some that use a relief agency - problably expensive - everything here is free until July 2021 (no payments necessary) and then it will be around $299 per year for schools with over 1000 students and less for schools under 1000 where we may decided to base the cost on the number of students.

So, register your school (create an account - its FREE to register) on this web site (registration link at the top of the screen). After registration, you will find more menu items appear and lots of useful help and ideas. Also, encourage your relief staff to register as a member. Menu item -'Relief'. this is a database of potential staff that you can view and see what skills they possess.

This site is all about lessening the amount of work required by the relief manager.

Information for Relief Teachers

It is free to become a member of our database.

Go to the 'Relief -> Relief Teachers Directory'. Once the page has loaded click on Login/Register and follow the prompts. There is a list of skills from which to choose. Anything we have missed, send us a message and we will add it for you.

Next go to 'Jobs -> Jobs/Vacancies'. It is not necessary to register here but every time you apply for a job you will have to add your details. By registering, your details are stored and any job applied for will automatically enter all your details.

Benefits of registering with us

  1. member of a pool of relief staff
  2. find jobs all over the state
  3. see jobs as they are posted
  4. view longer term employment opportunities
  5. don't have to wait to be phoned for a job
  6. simple application process
  7. upload your resume only once
  8. links to relief teacher resources
  9. access to school forms (registration required)
  10. list of registered schools
  11. site can be viewed on a tablet or phone
  12. directions via google to all listed schools
  13. join our forum on relief teaching
  14. contact the admin quickly
  15. review the schools you have been to

You will find a help page under Relief. We are up for suggestions on how to improve this page so if anyone out can suggest additions that would be useful, please let us know about them.


Information for Relief Managers

A Relief Managers job can be stressful. Up early to answer the calls, ringing relief staff to get them to come in only to find another school down the road has already hired them - back on the phone again! That early morning procedure is always going to happen but we are going to help alleviate the stress involved in organising staff.


The benefits of posting jobs online and registering with us.

  1. post your jobs online as soon as you know about them - only takes a couple of minutes
  2. post your longer term employment on our special page
  3. your own dashboard - receive notes and files just for you
  4. view a database of relief staff complete with the skills they possess.
  5. our system is quick, simple and efficient
  6. save money by not using an agency - start your own system
  7. receive emails from your jobs of relief teacher applications - pick the one you want
  8. have relief staff ring you in the morning instead of you ringing them
  9. ring your aplicant to confirm the position or they will ring you
  10. access to school forms
  11. have your school listed with directions on how to get there (Google Geolocation system)
  12. have access to our support ticket system
  13. paperless payments - pay your account online
  14. view your invoices online - receive them in your email
  15. have free access to our file storage system
  16. let us create and host your forms to allow teachers to upload their relief for the day
  17. we will create forms to your specs - we must host them
  18. have access to useful documents we have developed over a number of years as relief manager

Register with us today - use the registration link at the top of the screen - then login.
After login two more menu items will appear for relief managers plus a couple under Support.
We have created a Help page (under the manager's menu 'Schools') to assist you to get started.
It would be wise to get all your relief staff to register - we will provide you with a brochure to be printed and handed out to them.

Also, make sure your teaching staff is aware of this site if you have school relief access forms available. They are are able to register/logon on the "Listed Schools Access Forms" under the "Relief" menu item.